Top 13 Haunted Places in Alabama: #4 Sweetwater Mansion

October 26, 2019

Sweetwater Mansion is a plantation house located in Florence, AL.  It was designed by war veteran General John Brahan of the Alabama Militia.  Brahan owned over 4,000 acres in eastern Lauderdale County, AL. When he found this nearly 9 acre plot of land, he decided to create a homesite and build a beautiful eight room brick home.  The home was named after the bricks that were used for the construction of the home. The bricks were manufactured on the site of Sweetwater Creek which ran just below the house.

The first person to occupy the home full-time was Brahan’s son-in-law and post-Civil War Alabama governor, Robert M. Patton.  Over the years, the home’s basement served as a Civil War hospital, a county jail, and reportedly one of the rooms served as a bedroom for someone who practiced “dark magic.”  Judging from the history, there’s no wonder why reports of paranormal activity has surrounded the property for years.

Of all the reported paranormal occurrences, two stick out more than the others.  The first involves a caretaker on the property who claimed to see a casket containing the body of a Confederate soldier in one of the downstiars rooms.  Upon telling the other caretakers, she returned to the room only to find the casket was no longer there.  This was especially frightening to the caretaker who knew that General Patton’s funeral had been held in the home.  During the funeral, his coffin had been displayed for visitors to come by and pay their respects.

The second occurrence involves a room in the home where female visitors were regularly locked inside.  It is said that former caretaker, Ms. Emmett Lettie Region, was locked in the room once and it startled her to the point that she lived in just two rooms of the house for the remainder of the time she worked at Sweetwater.

Another strange fact about Sweetwater – there is one room in the house that is known as the “Secret Room.” This secret room has no door and can only be accessed via a small interior window.  It has been suggested that two sons of a former owner were buried in the floor of the secret room and the owner had the door sealed off to prevent anyone from disturbing them, but left the window so that she could routinely “check on them”.  Whatever the history of this room is, it is definitely strange!

Photo Courtesy: Sweetwater Mansion