Top 13 Haunted Places in Alabama: #3 The Redmont Hotel

October 28, 2019

We’ve made it to the Top 3 in the #TrickOrTerpoCountdown! Today we’re checking in at the Redmont Hotel, located right here in Birmingham!

The Redmont Hotel was constructed in 1925 and was named after Birmingham’s Red Mountain.  The Redmont is a 14 story tall, 120 room hotel located on the corner of 5th Avenue North and 21st Street and is Birmingham’s oldest hotel still in use.

The hotel originally opened in 1925 as a 200 room hotel.  The hotel was seen as a glamorous and opulent destination in Birmingham. The Redmont was purchased in 1946 by hotel magnate Clifford Stiles. After his purchase, he converted the entire top floor into a New York-style penthouse for himself and his family to live.  The penthouse included terraces, a private elevator,  a lawn for his pets and was the setting for many lavish parties above the city.  Stiles died in 1975 and some say his ghost still haunts the hotel today.  Stiles has been seen throughout the hotel and roaming the halls.  It is said that he is there just to observe and look over his hotel to ensure everything is running efficiently and smoothly.  Although, some guests have reported doors opening and closing without assistance, furniture suddenly being in a different location, and baggage mysteriously being moved to a different location.  So if you check in at the Redmont, be sure to keep an eye on your bags!

Another ghost that haunts The Redmont is quote possibly the most popular ghost we have discussed thus far.  The ghost of the hard-partying Alabama native, Hank Williams! The Redmont hosted Mr. Williams for an overnight stay on the second floor during his journey from Montgomery to Charleston, West Virginia in 1952.  After checking out the next morning, Hank continued on his destination and passed away en route to his concert.  It has been said that his ghost returned to the place he last slept – The Redmont, and some guests have reported that if you’re quiet and listen closely, you can occasionally still hear guitar strumming in the hallway.

The final ghost of the Redmont has become known as “The Woman in White.”  She has been most seen on the ninth floor. Not much is known of the woman and she never seems to bother anyone, but if you look closely, you just might catch a glimpse of her!

If you’re making your way through Birmingham and happen to stop by The Redmont Hotel, be sure to keep an eye out for Hank, Mr. Stiles, or The Woman in White! While you’re there, be sure to check out the roof top bar and the awesome view of The Magic City!

Fun Facts:

  • When the Redmont first opened, it had 200 rooms but after the renovation in 2014, the rooms were enlarged leaving 125 rooms.
  • The Redmont was seen as one of the most modern hotels in Birmingham due to the fact that each room included a private bathroom, chilled water, and ceiling fans.  It was quite unusual in 1925 for every guest to have access to these amenities because they were typically only available for wealthy guests.
  • Did you know the hotel was once owned by a group in NBA players? That’s right – after decades of decline, the hotel was purchase in 1983 by an investment group consisting of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Ralph Sampson and several others.
  • Hank Williams spent his last night in this hotel during an uncompleted trip from Montgomery to Charleston, West Virginia.

Photo Courtesy: Chris Pruitt