Top 13 Haunted Places in Alabama: #8 The Tutwiler Hotel

October 19, 2019

Happy Saturday! Today we’re taking another look at Birmingham and were checking out the Tutwiler Hotel, now renamed Hampton Inn & Suites Birmingham.  The upscale boutique Tutwiler Hotel that was built in 1914.  It was closed in 1972 and demolished in 1974 and reopened in its current location in 1986. The Tutwiler Hotel was named after Colonel Edward M. Tutwiler who had just sold his company, Tutwiler Coal, Coke and Iron Company to Birmingham Coal and Iron Company.  Colonel Tutwiler invested the proceeds from selling his company into the Tutwiler Hotel and Ridgely Apartments (The Tutwiler Hotel’s current location) and construction began!

Since moving to its current location in 1986, guests and employees of the Tutwiler Hotel have reported several spooky occurrences, but one of the most notable is from a bartender in 1995. At closing time, the bartender turned off the lights and prepared to go home.  After gathering his things to head out, he noticed the bar lights were on.  The bartender turned the lights off but they continued to turn on by themselves.  After turning the lights off four times, he went home.

The next day the manager asked why the bartender had not turned the lights off before going home for the night, after all, this was part of his job.  He explained to the manager that he turned the lights off but they kept turning themselves on.  The manager thought this sounded completely crazy and didn’t believe him.  This continued for five nights and on the sixth night, the bartender received a phone call from the manager asking him to come to work immediately.

When the bartender arrived, he saw a complete multi-course meal with candles and a bottle of wine on display in the dining room of the hotel – as if the dinner was prepared for the bartender.  Confused, the bartender wasn’t sure what was going on.  The manager explained that upon entering the dining room that night, the meal had been prepared and served however there were no guests, chefs, or staff working after hours.

The bartender began to greet the ghost nightly in an attempt to keep him from making a mess.  He would often call out to the ghost and wish him a good evening and ask him politely to not make a mess.  The ghost hasn’t left a mess behind since!

Many believe the ghost to be the friendly ghost of Colonel Tutwiler, visiting his hotel and enjoying the amenities that the hotel offers!

But that’s not the only ghost that lives at The Tutwiler! There have been several reports of knocking on doors in the middle of the night.  Several guests have reported hearing loud rapid knocks on their hotel room door, only to find no one there.  Not much is known about this ghost or who he might be but he has become known as “The Knocker” and it is assumed it is a male, seeing that he only seems to wake female guests.

Be sure to check out a few photos below of the original Tutwiler Hotel before it was demolished. I hope everyone has a great and restful weekend!

Drawing of the Original Tutwiler Hotel (Photo: Thoughts from an Armchair Investor and Landlord)

Lobby of the Tutwiler Hotel in 1930 (Photo: Thoughts from an Armchair Investor and Landlord)


Ballroom of The Tutwiler Hotel in 1930 (Photo: Thoughts from an Armchair Investor and Landlord)


The Original Tutwiler Hotel Exterior (Photo: Weld Bham)


1920s – couples dancing in the original Tutwiler Hotel Ballroom (Photo: Pinterest)