Top 13 Haunted Places in Alabama: #13 Lucas Tavern

October 1, 2019

Happy October! This month we will be counting down to Halloween with the Top 13 Haunted Places in Alabama.  Whether you believe in ghosts, just like a good ghost story, or you are more interested in how the property became famous, this countdown should be pretty fun.  For disclosure reasons, I have to tell you that some of these locations are on private property so…if you are brave enough to check them out for yourself, please drive by and do not trespass.  That being said, let’s get started!

Our #13 begins with Lucas Tavern.  Lucas Tavern is part of a grouping of historic buildings and structures called “Old Alabama Town” in Montgomery.  From 1820-1840, Lucas Tavern was an upscale stopping point for travelers to spend the night, have a good meal, and enjoy the southern hospitality of it’s owner and hostess, Eliza Lucas. In the 1840s, the tavern became Eliza’s personal residence where she lived full time until her death.  In 1980, after being abandoned for about 20 years, the tavern was purchased and restored to it’s former glory and the bedrooms were converted into office space.  That’s when the ghost of Eliza first appeared.  She was thrilled to see people visiting and occupying her tavern once again and was so satisfied with the renovations she decided to stay.  The most common sighting of Eliza is a short woman in a victorian dress waving kindly at her visitors from the doorway of her tavern.  Eliza is proof that southern hospitality and tradition will never die!

Lucas Tavern Courtesy of Goat Hill History