Top 13 Haunted Places in Alabama: #6 Jack Cole Road

October 23, 2019

Happy Wednesday! Its time to check out #6 on the countdown and we’re heading to Hayden, AL.

There’s a dirt road in a densely wooded area off of Highway 7 in Blount County named Jack Cole Road. Since 1890, there has been an unusually high number of deaths on this road, 68 to be exact. The strange thing about this “haunted place”… no one is really clear on who (or what) haunts it!

Many people believe the road is haunted by the people that have died there. Whatever the case may be, the deaths that have occurred on Jack Cole Road have one thing in common, they are all surrounded by strange circumstances, limited details, and mystery. At one time, there was a hospital built along Jack Cole Road and in 1900, there was a Cholera outbreak which killed several people.

Another strange incident is the case of the mummified woman.  One day hunters came across a cabin deep in the woods. Inside the cabin, they found the mummified remains of a woman.  Many local citizens believed she was a witch and blamed her for the strange things that have occurred on Jack Cole Road.

During the late 1960s, a local fruit grower was found murdered with an ax at the end of Jack Cole Road.  This was one of the most gruesome and disturbing murders the town of Hayden had ever seen.

Then there’s the case of missing 52 year old Lisa Weaver in 2015.  Lisa lived on Jack Cole Road and on February 5, 2015, her home caught fire.  Lisa was physically unable to leave her home and had just communicated with her son via text message a few moments prior to the fire.  After firefighters surveyed the wreckage from the fire, they recovered the bodies of the family’s three dogs however, there was no sign of Lisa in the ashes.

In 2003, a famous civil rights photographer traveled to Jack Cole Road to photograph it for a project he was working on when he claimed to have seen strange things in the woods.  He later died on the haunted road.

Many people have reported lights in the woods, lights darting through the trees, ghostly figures and even a reported sighting of a Bigfoot-like creature that appears to be half-man and half-wolf.  The next time you find yourself in Hayden, be sure to drive with caution! One thing is for sure, you WILL NOT find me driving down Jack Cole Road!